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How We Help


The Situation

One of the struggles many of our potential clients will experience is the feeling that there are no opportunities, or at best, they find opportunities limited for them to change or excel. Addictions and felony records have displaced many of these men and forced them into seemingly hopeless situations. This produces dangerous paths that have severe consequences. Our program opens the door to hope and new beginnings.


Our Portals

  1. The Streets- United Ways' “The Compass Center” & ‘The Way’ Day Center
  2. The Shelters- Good News at Noon, Salvation Army, Gainesville Baptist Rescue Mission, & Set Free Ministries.
  3. The Jails- City & County
  4. The Courts- State & Superior


We WILL NOT accept walk-ins into the program.


Each resident will have completed a minimum of 30 days in one of the approved portals, passing a drug/alcohol test, background check, and health evaluation before being eligible for intake into North Georgia Works!

When our Trainees are not building a work ethic in service to our community as our “Blue Crew” (first 30 days) or at their place of employment, they will not be allowed beyond the confines of our campus unsupervised. We will be able to monitor every individual’s progress through our "Resident Tracker" case management software.


Our Goal

To introduce men to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord while equipping them to become employable, productive, self-sustained citizens in our communities.


Program Overview



With Jesus Christ as the foundation of our faith and the Bible as our manual for living, we will begin the life-long process of building a spiritually maturing man of God. We will incorporate other material and literature to maximize spiritual growth.

Life Skills

The Personal Development Curriculum will provide our residents with customized, highly-beneficial life skills training that will stay with them for life. By use of video, textbook, and lecture curriculum, we will aim to reach residents on several levels, ensuring the retention of content is successful.


NGW! Is partnering with area businesses to provide our residents with a livable wage while in residency and beyond.


We have a basketball court onsite that offers exercise as well as team-building skills. Weekends will provide opportunities for field trips and relationship building beyond our campus.

Service to the Community

The first 30 days of a resident’s life involve non-paid service in various locations around the city. But that’s just the beginning! We “will” be active in Gainesville demonstrating the power of love, grace, and mercy.