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Welcome to North Georgia Works!


We are a registered 501(c)(3) Christian Ministry and Transitional Workforce Development Center designed exclusively for men. Our mission is to end homelessness, reduce recidivism, and eradicate dependency through a men's program targeted at personal development producing good habits, work ethic, and character. Our goal is to help these men become self-sufficient and productive, tax-paying members of society by obtaining full-time employment and a non-subsidized place to live.


How We Help

The diverse economic climate in Gainesville, teaming with opportunity, has the potential to be a huge part of the solution to its homelessness and addiction issues if properly harnessed.The ministry of North Georgia Works! ("NGW") is developed around a work-based approach to combat homelessness and addiction, taking full advantage of Gainesville's vibrant economy. By forging partnerships with local businesses, NGW helps its program participants integrate into the workforce, providing not only a job but a means to self-sufficiency and dignity. This innovative approach utilizes the strength of Gainesville’s diverse economic landscape as a tool to address the homelessness and addiction issue head-on.



The NGW Approach


  • Working & Housing
  • Life Skills & Recovery Support
  • Mentoring & Spiritual Development
  • Aftercare Support