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Station of Hope

On December 11, 2018, Tonya White of the Department of Community Supervision, Hall County, presented North Georgia Works! with the Station of Hope emblem. “Healing Communities of Georgia is a diverse network of nonprofits, state agencies, and faith-based organizations across the state actively implementing Healing Communities principles within your community. The mission of the network is to restore returning citizens, their families, and victims of crime by facilitating needed healing from the destructive effects of crime and incarceration. The healing occurs within individuals through mercy, forgiveness and facilitating the restoration of right relationships. Healing also occurs through justice, by collectively informing decision makers of policy adjustments needed to create a more just and effective corrections system.” Courtesy of DCS. This is quite an honor for North Georgia Works! as they look forward to providing hope through support, transition, and reentry through their residential program.

Pictured are: Mark Akin, Program Manager & Doug Hanson, Founder and President of North Georgia Works!

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